Wednesday, November 2, 2016

BELGIUM ~ Ukiyo-e prints and 1950s/1960s Japanese art - Brussels ~

...Lovely Japanese artwork from a woodblock prints exhibition at our capital Brussels... Thanks Jobbo!!【ツ】also for postcard nr2 but I keep that one for "my" eyes only...(◕‿-) Hope you had a nice stay in my country!!
"Young Woman Looks at Silhouette of a Male Prisoner being Led Away"

Tomioka Eisen's print displays the rather melodramatic sentiment as an illustration for a novel is typical of late Meiji print. A woman watches the silhouettes of her lover being led away by the police man. The silhouettes without background motifs suggest a unreachable place from the woman in the reality.

As of 21 October 2016 a Japanese prints exhibition will open in Brussels. As part of the celebrations of 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Belgium, the Royal Museum of Art and History (Jubelparkmuseum) will put its own collection of Japanese prints on display.

In total 416 works will be exhibited (in two installments) and together they present the history of Japanese prints from the early 18th century up to the early 20th century.


Paintings by René Magritte, 1898-1967

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