Monday, October 3, 2016

UK ~ Ham House and Garden - Ham - Surrey ~

...Hi back from Ham (>‿♥)...what a coincidence my hometown is also called Ham...must say you will not find such beautiful grand house in my rural village... reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain you can do ghost tours here... and also no ghosts in my neighbourhood...◔͜͡◔ Thanks a million Andrene, this wonderful special postcard really made my day!! ♥
"The north front and forecourt of the house, completed in 1610"

Ham House is a historic Stuart House, situated on the banks of the River Thames in Ham, near Richmond in London.

Originally built in 1610 and enlarged in the 1670s by the influential Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale, Ham was a centre for court intrigue throughout most of the 17th century.

Ham House is a beautiful home with a historic collection of textiles, furniture and paintings dating back over 400 years shown in 26 rooms.


Universal Mail UK London Icons
(Issued 2008-2012)

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