Wednesday, October 5, 2016

MALTA ~ St Paul's Islands ~

...Beautiful view of the St Paul's Islands...they have a very important historical and religious aspect... St Paul's shipwreck is popularly considered as the greatest event in the nation's history... it was the inhabitants their first contact with Christianity...Thanks a lot Chris!! ㋡
"St Pauls Islets are traditionally to have been the site of St Paul's shipwreck. A statue of St Paul on the larger island commemorates this important event in Malta's history."

Malta is a smalll mediterranean island state 95 kilometers to the South from Sicily and 290 kilometers to the East from Tunisia. The seven islands that make up the Maltese archipelago are: Malta , Gozo, Comino, Kemmunet, St. Paul’s Islands, Manoel Island and Filfla. Only the first three are inhabited.

St Paul's Island, also known as Selmunett, is a small island off Selmun near the north-east of the main island of Malta. St Paul's Island is sometimes split into two islands by a shallow isthmus, and it is therefore sometimes referred as St Paul's Islands and it is the largest uninhabited island of Malta.


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