Sunday, September 18, 2016

SLOVAKIA ~ High Tatras National Park ~

...My first National Park postcard of Slovakia and the oldest one in the country... only 8 more to go ◔͜͡◔...with lovely views of the chamois... symbol of both the Slovak and Polish Tatra National Park... and under strict protection... Thanks a lot Vladimir! ㋡
Photo © Ladislav Janiga

Tatra(s) National Park is situated in North Central Slovakia in the Tatra Mountains on the border with Poland. The park is important for protecting a diverse variety of flora and fauna, with many endemic species, including the Tatra chamois.

This National Park  protected area was founded in 1949. High Tatras Mountains are one of the smallest mountain ranges in the world, nevertheless, they are the highest and the only mountain range of alpine system in Slovakia.

The chamois is one of the most precious species, as it developed in isolation since the glacial age. This is the reason why it differs from its relatives living in the Alps or Apennines. Its protection is extremely strict because only ± 1300 animals survive at present.


The 450th Anniversary of the Birth of Jan Jessenius, 1566–1621 - Joint Issue with Czech Republic, Hungary & Poland
(Issued 22-06-2016)

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