Thursday, September 29, 2016

LESOTHO ~ Semonkong Village ~

...Once more a little "gem" sent by David... this time from his African amazing view and a new country to add to my countries list... known as "the kingdom in the sky", it is the only independent nation in the world that is entirely over 1,000 meters above sea level... and has the largest concentration of dinosaur footprints in the world... Thanks a million David!! \_(♥‿♥)_/ ➜ (

Lesotho is the southernmost landlocked country in the world, being completely surrounded by South Africa. It is a mountainous kingdom that is home to the Basotho people. Its capital and largest city is Maseru.

Lesotho is one of three remaining monarchies in Africa.

Semonkong is a community of villages located in the Maseru District of Lesotho. The village of Semonkong, which means ‘the place of smoke’, is named after the mist and was established in the 1880s as a refuge for Basotho displaced by the Gun War. It is located close to several major natural features, including the Maletsunyane Falls and the 3096-metre peak of Thaba Putsoa.


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