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USA ~ Yellowstone National Park - UNESCO ~

....Breathtaking nature view of the US oldest and world's first National Park... one of the most famous vistas in Yellowstone, the Lower Falls (308 ft/ 94m) the largest in the Rocky Mountains...with my first great matching National Park stamp from a wonderful sheet with 16 NP (hope to get more of them (✿◠‿◠))...Thank you very much Susan!!
Photo: Byron Jorjorian
Yellowstone National Park is a nearly 3,500 square miles wilderness recreation area atop a volcanic hot spot. Mostly in Wyoming, the park spreads into parts of Montana and Idaho too.It was created on March 1, 1872 when United States President Ulysses S. Grant signed a law to create it. The name was taken from the Yellowstone River, which flows through the park.

Yellowstone features dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs and gushing geysers, including its most famous, Old Faithful.

The park is widely considered to be the finest mega fauna wildlife habitat in the lower 48 states. There are almost 60 species of mammals in the park, including the gray wolf, coyote, the threatened Canadian lynx, and grizzly bears. Other large mammals include the bison (often referred to as buffalo), black bear, elk, moose, mule deer, white-tailed deer, mountain goat, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and cougar.

Yellowstone was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

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