Monday, August 1, 2016

THE ISLAND OF JERSEY ~ Corbiere Lighthouse - St. Brelade ~

...Beautiful view of one of the most photographed buildings on the is set on a rugged point in a fantastic scenic location...Thanks a lot Liane!!❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands between France and England off the coast of Normandy  a Crown dependency of the United Kingdom. It is not part of the United Kingdom,and has an international identity separate from that of the UK, but the United Kingdom is constitutionally responsible for the defence of Jersey.

Corbiere Lighthouse (meaning 'gathering place of the crows) (Jèrriais: La Corbiéthe) is the extreme south-western point of Jersey in St. Brelade It was the first lighthouse in the British Isles to be made of concrete rather than the traditional stone. It stands 135ft above sea level and the light can be seen up to 18 miles away. This 10-metres high lighthouse, designed by Sir John Coode, was completed in November 1873 on rocks 90 feet above high water and was switched on the following April.


Stained Glass Windows
(Issued 27-11-2015)

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