Friday, August 26, 2016

SCOTLAND ~ New Lanark - UNESCO ~

... Great multiview showing  parts of the site... including one of the "Falls of Clyde"... it is now beautifully restored as a living community, with visitors from all over the world....Thanks a lot Andrene!!【ツ】
Photo: © Ronald W Weir
Left to right top: New Buildings, Corra Linn falls of Clyde and Hotel. Left to Right, lower: Robert Owen's House, New Lanark and the River Clyde.

New Lanark is a small 18thC cotton spinning mill village located on the banks of the Falls of Clyde surrounded by native woodlands, where the philanthropist and Utopian idealist Robert Owen moulded a model industrial community in the early 19thC. The imposing cotton mill buildings, the spacious and well-designed workers' housing, and the dignified educational institute and school still testify to Owen's humanism.

New Lanark became a World Heritage site in 2001 and is one of the six UNESCO World Heritage sites in Scotland.

 Queen Elisabeth definitive stamp
(Issued 22-03-2016)

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