Thursday, August 4, 2016

AUSTRIA ~Hallstatt - Salzkammergut - UNESCO~

....Postcard nr 3 shows a picturesque view of one of Austria's most beautiful towns situated on a ledge between a deep blue lake and towering green mountains....Big Thanks once more Dustin!! (P.S. lucky me that you bought too many stamps!!(◕‿-) )
Photo: Erwin Trampitsch

Hallstatt is village on Hallstatter See (a lake), in the Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria, It is known for its World's First Salt mine and salt caves which can be visited by tourists.

Its history dates back to pre-historic times, the earliest proof of human presence in the area around Hallstatt is a cleverly drilled bone of a cave bear dated around 12000BC. There is indication of settlement in this region from as early as the Neolithic Stone Age.

Considered to be one of the oldest still inhabited settlement in Europe, Hallstatt became a "World Cultural and Natural Heritage" UNESCO site in December 1997.


EUROPA Stamp - Think Green
(Issued 14-05-2016)

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