Monday, July 18, 2016

KAZAKHSTAN ~ Boguty Mountains - Charyn National Park ~

...First  of two amazing nature sceneries postcards.. this one looks like a landscape of the planet Mars...and both wonderful new National Parks for my collection...with my first issued Postcrossing stamp on ...
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Photo: © F. Kabdykairov

 Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country.Major part of the country are horizonless steppes, deserts and mountains that house thousands species of animals and birds.

Almaty is the country’s largest city and former capital. It is an ancient point along the Silk Road,
Kazakh name for Almaty, Alma-ata, means “Father of Apples,”This land is called "The fatherland of all apples", all domestic apples originate from the mountains in southern Kazakhstan.

The Boguty Mountains are located East of the capital, Almaty, near the village of Chundzhaand stretching between the Charyn and Chilk Rivers.

The relief of these mountains has been deformed under the influence of wind and rain, and the canyons were formed.


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