Tuesday, July 19, 2016

GIBRALTAR ~ Gibraltar by satelite ~

...Once more a "WOW" postcard...this amazing view tells us exactly where on our beautiful planet "Earth" Gibraltar is situated... and its always so nice to get "surprise" postcards from traveling friends and family...Thanks a lot Johan!! (ツ)_/¯  →(http://johanpostcards.blogspot.be/)
"View of the strait of Gibraltar and the two continents Europe and Africa"

Gibraltar is a 7km2 British overseas territory located on the southern end tip of the mainland Spain at the entrance of the Mediterranean, known for the Rock of Gibraltar, a 426m limestone ridge at its centre.

It is a remnant of the times of massive naval battles, captured to protect the mouth of the Mediterranean. Nowadays, ‘the rock’ is an intriguing blend of English and Spanish culture.

(Issued 2014)

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