Friday, July 15, 2016

CRIMEA ~ Sevastopol - Klokachev Quay (House of Children and Youth) ~

...Beautiful view of  an area with still a difficult political earlier received Crimea postcards are with Ukrainian stamps...this one has Russian...Thanks a lot David !!
Photo: ©B. Epemehko

Sevastopol is an important and historical port on the Black Sea.

As a result of the 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia, the city is administered as a federal city within the Crimean Federal District of the Russian Federation, though Ukraine and most of the international community continue to regard Sevastopol as a city with special status within Ukraine.

Founded in 1783 as the base of the Black Sea Navy of Russia, it was besieged by the British in the Crimean War. In the 20th century it was the home port of the Soviet Navy's Black Sea Fleet. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, the city became part of Ukraine. Both Russian and Ukrainian fleets were based in the city.

The city is currently a de facto part of Russia, and can only be entered by following Russian visa requirements. It observes Moscow time, the Russian ruble (RUB) is the primary currency used and Russian laws are enforced.


State Awards of the Russian Federation
(Issued 19-02-2016)

Aviation History
 (Issued 18-04-2014)

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