Thursday, June 2, 2016


...Fantastic new place more off my missing list...a diver's paradise... visibility can be up to 100 metres....and guess from who it comes...yepッ world traveller ✈ David!! Thaaaaaanks!!

Niue is a large upraised coral atoll in the South Pacific Ocean, it is an island country in the centre of a triangle of nations made up of Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands and located 2400km north east of New Zealand. Niue's capital is Alofi.

Niue (pronounced 'New-ay' – which means 'behold the coconut') may be the world’s smallest independent nation, but the Pacific island also known as the ‘Rock of Polynesia’ (or just 'the Rock').
The first European to sight Niue was Captain James Cook in 1774.


Flora of Niue
(Issued 03-05-2015)


  1. Have you forgotten something after 'the Rock'? :D

  2. wow...i have totally given up on acquiring new countries, i think i'll have to go there myself lol

    1. An excellent idea..I bet you'll be very popular by most of the postcard collectors!㋡

  3. for me its a scary idea..! i wouldn't even swap just thinking of all the people negotiating...i havent swapped for a few months and i dont miss it as yet, it seems i really needed this break