Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MALAYSIA ~The Kapita Kliang Mosque - Penang Island - UNESCO~

...Lovely view of one the countries most historic landmarks and a new UNESCO site...Thanks a lot Jobbo!!
Photo: Dennis M. Allen
From Backside postcard:
The Kapita Kliang Mosque was constructed in 1800 of Indian Islamic architectural influence. Its worshippers consist of members of the Indian Muslim community.

Being a prominent Islamic historic centre, it is part of the World Heritage Site of George Town and lies at the centre of the city's Tamil Muslim neighbourhood, the chulias. It is the first permanent Muslim institution to have been established in the area.

1-2 National Day - Sehatisejiwa (Issued 15-09-2015)

Visual Arts
(Issued 19-09-2011)

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