Tuesday, February 23, 2016

USA ~ Greetings from Hell - Michigan ~

...Fantastic card sent, postmarked and even with a burned edge from...yes, "Hell"...isn't that pretty special ツ saying "Have a Hell of a good day"...the town has become a hot spot for travelers who want to be able to say to their friends that they have visited hell... Thanks a lot O'Neil... not many people can say "I've been to Hell and back"(◕‿-)!!

Hell  is a small unincorporated community  in Livingston County, in Southeast Michigan.

Theories for the origin of Hell's name. The first is that a pair of German travelers stepped out of a stagecoach one sunny afternoon in the 1830s, and one said to the other, "So schön hell!" (translated as, "So beautifully bright!") Their comments were overheard by some locals and the name stuck.
Soon after Michigan gained statehood, George Reeves was asked what he thought the town he helped settle should be called and replied, "I don't care, you can name it Hell for all I care." The town has officially known as "Hell" since 1841.

It has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names.


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(Issued 07-06-2002)


  1. Ha ha! You got the card! I'm not sure I even knew the origins of the name, maybe I did a long time ago and then eventually forgot. Thanks for researching it. :)

    1. You're welcome ㋡ For me is that one of the fun things about collecting...searching for interesting information about each received postcard!! Thanks again!!