Thursday, February 11, 2016

FIJI ~Firewalking ~

...Wonderful postcard coming from a tropical islands in the South Pacific...a must-see experience... the Fijian firewalking ceremony... walking on red-hot stones without suffering or burns... Thanks a lot Deane ツ!!

The island of Beqa is the traditional home of Fijian firewalking. Although it's done occasionally on Viti Levu(the largest Fiji Island), the family connection with the participants is almost always linked to Beqa. It was once strictly a ritual for and by Fijians but in recent years is performed almost always for vulagi (visitors).

According to Fiji Travel, “Legend has it that over 500 years ago the men of the Sawau Tribe of Beqa Island were given the gift of being able to walk on fire by an eel in exchange for its life.” The decedents of the warriors carry on the tradition to gather strength. They sing and chant before vilavilairevo, which is Fijian for “jumping into the oven.”


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