Tuesday, January 19, 2016

GERMANY ~Battle of Leipzig Memorial ~

...A great impressive war memorial in a lovely park and forest setting...built over a five year period and completed in 1913...the structure is 91 metres (299 ft) tall... It contains over 500 steps to a viewing platform at the top...It is believed that the entire project cost more than 50 million euros in today’s money....and with nice matching stamps! Thanks a lot Dustin!! (http://postcardsblogatdustin.blogspot.de/)
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Here is a translation from text postcard:(thanks to Dustin)
"Battle of the Nations near Leipzig"
As until then largest battle in the history of human kind the event from the 16th to the 19th October 1813 burned into the collective mind of the population and remains unforgotten until today. 520000 soldiers took part in this crucial battle of the Wars of Liberation. Actually Napoleon tried to carry the ideals of freedom through the whole of Europe, but the ingenious commander forgot to make peace.

The joint troops from Austria, Russia, Sweden and the Russian Empire did not want to bow down to the foreign rule and now were pitted against the Grand Armée at the gates of Leipzig. The slaughter lasted for 3 days and on both sides the casualties were high, 90000 soldiers lost their lives. A few days later the complete magnitude had been made clear, danger of epidemic threatened and the many wounded seeked sanctuary in the city.

 Also the burial of the fallen was a problem. 100 years later, 1913, the 91m high Monument to the Battle of the Nations was built as memorial against the oblivion. "


The 100th Anniversary of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations
(Issued 10-10-2013)

The 1000th Anniversary of the City of Leipzig
(Issued 01-07-2015)

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