Monday, December 21, 2015


... wonderful street looks so narrow and with so many houses in such a small space...a really special atmosphere... and a must see place if you're travelling to Taiwan...Thanks once more Jobbo (and yes my last received postcard from Taiwan dates from 2013!!【ツ】

Jiufen is a small town in northern Taiwan famous for its nostalgic old street, food and ocean view. Jiufen was a prosperous gold mining town since 1890s but its popularity faded as the gold resource was depleting since 1950s.

The town centre is a labyrinth of narrow paths  on a hill, so it come with a lot of staircases.

The village was once home to nine families in the Qing Dynasty, and was named Jiufen for the number of shipments that were delivered to the town. (Jiu means the number nine in Chinese, and fen is a measure word for a portion of something.) Nine portions were always requested whenever shipments were delivered to the village.

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(Issued 02-04-2013)

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