Tuesday, November 17, 2015

THAILAND ~Magazine cover ~

...Interesting and a bit different subject as usual on my postcards...but Thanks a lot Jobbo for all the information on the back of the card..I would never have guessed who it was on the postcard!!( >‿♥)

This picture shows a cover of an old issue of Tuang Toon magazinge, which always features its founder and long-time editor Vatin Pinchaleo one of Thailand's oldest and best-loved magazines.

Vatin Pinchaleo (or uncle Tuay )was a cartoonist, and died on October 4 at the age of 85.

The magazine celebrated its 45th anniversary last month. It is still well-known today for its wit and humorous content. It contains diverse “edutainment" content that touches on everything from archeology,...world history, science, art, poetry, as well as mystery and unexplained fact, and fiction, local and international.


Seaside in Thailand - Muko Ang Thong National Park
(Issued 05-07-2012)

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  1. I like it! Looks like the statue is reading the magazine. Ha ha!