Wednesday, October 7, 2015

AUSTRALIA ~The Dogs that Saved Macquarie Island -UNESCO~

...As being a dog lover and owner this fantastic postcard is such a wonderful new addition to my collection...a stamp honour for dogs who saved the island...eleven dogs, mostly springer spaniels and Labrador retrievers, worked tirelessly to hunt and eradicate rabbits and rodents...the island owed its pest-free status to the dogs... an important part of their training was to teach the dogs not to disturb native animals...the postcard also shows the bad conditions that the dogs had to work in...Thanks so much Xue!!❣◕ ‿ ◕❣
Gary Bowcock and his hunting dogs -Photo by Chris Crerar- © Tasmania Parks&Wildlife Service.
Macquarie Island is a subantarctic island located in the Southern Ocean, approximately half way between Australia and Antarctica.

Macquarie Island or “Macca” as it is often called is a Nature Reserve managed by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. The island and surrounding waters out to 12 nautical miles were inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1997 as a site of major geoconservation significance, as an island of unique natural diversity and one of the truly remarkable places on earth. The land under the sea, all flora and fauna including fish and marine plants are completely protected.

Macquarie Island was listed as a UNESCO WHS site in 1997.

A maxicard is a prepaid postcard with a stamp affixed and postmarked on the view side. The subject matter of a maxicard is common to the card, stamp and postmark.

 On 9th of September Australia Post issued a set of four maxicard on Macquarie Island and its dogs.

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