Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BELGIUM ~Triceratops - special dinosaur stamp cancellation ~

...Imposing dinosaur view with fantastic stamp cancellation... a lot of us are still fascinated by these giants of The Prehistoric World, including me :D...Thanks once again Johan ( Johan postcards), it was nice to meet and thank you in person for so many great special collectors items !!♥
The Triceratops is easily recognized thanks to the three horns found on its face as well as its large body and the unique frill around its head.

It is believed that fully grown Triceratops were about 8m (26ft) in length, 3m (10ft) in height and weighed anywhere between 6 to 12 tons.

The Triceratops was a plant eating (herbivore) dinosaur and lived around 65 million years ago.


Dinosaur Giraffatitan
(Issued 07-09-2015)

They are published in the form of a book of 10 self-adhesive stamps.


  1. Hello Gerda,
    Het was echt tof om je te ontmoeten !
    Volgend jaar is er een afstempeling in Genk;tot dan misschien ?

    1. Oke!! Dat is al afgesproken. :D:D