Monday, July 13, 2015

FRANCE ~Strasbourg - Palace of Europe ~

...Great surprise postcard nr 2 coming from Johan... cancelled by the Council of Europe's Post Office... Thanks a lot!! ( )
Photo: © I. Anger
The Palace of Europe  is a building that has served as the seat of the Council of Europe since 1977 when it replaced the 'House of Europe'.

The Palace of Europe square in shape, 106 metres on each side, with a height of 38 metres (nine stories). Its total working area is 64,000 square metres. It has 17 meeting rooms and a thousand offices for staff of the Council of Europe secretariat. The exterior of the building is red, silver, and brown.

 From the outside, the Palace of Europe resembles a fortress, since the rows of windows are arranged like arrow slits. The Parliament chamber is covered by a giant dome and resembles an enormous shell.


60 years of cultural cooperation European
(Issued 06-10-2014)

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