Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FRANCE ~Strasbourg - The European Parliament ~

...Beautiful modern and impressive glassed an island in the river... great stamp and special cancellation...even though we're not going on a summer holiday (maybe a few daytrips)...  with so many nice surprises in my mailbox lately I also have the "♥ holiday feeling ♥ "Big thanks Johan!! (
Photo: © René Mattes
The city of Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament. The institution is legally bound to meet there twelve sessions a year lasting about four days each.

The Parliament's buildings are located in the Quartier Européen (European Quarter) of the city, which it shares with other European organisations which are separate from the European Union's.


"The "Carré d'Encre" seen by... an artist"

The stamp depicts two pigeons (another symbol of Paris) on a roof watching the now famous Red "Carré d'Encre" storefront, and stating that a new stamp was issued there!
( Issued18-01-2014)

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