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ITALY ~Nature Park Alta Valle Pesio and Tanaro - Chamois ~

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Established in 1978, the Alta Valle Pesio and Tanaro Nature Park was one of the first protected areas in Piedmonte  and occupies an area of ​​6,770 hectares. The park is formed by the two valleys of the Upper Pesio and Tanaro, which originate from opposite sides of the highest peak of the Ligurian Alps, Mount Marguareis (2,651 m.)
The Pesio valley is lush and green, covered by a dense forest that goes all the way up to the feet of the Marguareisn,  the Tanaro valley side of the park, on the other hand, is very dry.
The park supports a very rich and varied fauna, that includes a large presence of ungulates (chamois, deer, roe deer, wild boars).

The chamois is a goat-antelope species native to mountains in Europe, including the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, the Pyrenees, the European Alps, the Tatra Mountains, the Balkans, parts of Turkey, and the Caucasus. Some subspecies of chamois are strictly protected in the EU under the European Habitats Directive.


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