Sunday, May 10, 2015

VIETNAM ~ Ban Gioc Waterfall ~

...First great postcard sent by friend Benny who traveled last year through Vietnam and sent lots of postcards from different places he more to come... Bedankt Benny! :-D

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive natural sights. Located in the northeastern province of Cao Bang,. It is 53 meters (173 feet) high and 300 meters ( 984 feet) wide, Ban Gioc waterfall has 3 layers from the peak to the river, making Ban Gioc the widest – but not the highest – waterfall in the country.

Ban Gioc Falls lays on the border of Vietnam and China. It is considered to be the largest waterfall in Vietnam. The Falls are made out of three main waterfalls.

Architecture - Landscape of Vietnam - Bridge Pagoda
 (Issued 16-01-2012)

Architecture - Landscape of Vietnam -One-pillar Pagoda
 (Issued 16-01-2012 )

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