Tuesday, February 3, 2015

BRAZIL ~Praia do Forte ~

Great postcard showing one of the most amazing and fascinating sea creatures....tiny turtles on their journey to the sea...unfortunately nearly all species of sea turtle are classified as endangered :( Thanks a lot Silvia!

Photo Christian Fehr
Praia do Forte is a beach and a coastal village in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Praia do Forte is also famous for its nature reserves and  home to a number of successful ecotourism projects in Brazil.

The Tamar Turtle Project - Praia do Forte is the headquarters of the national turtle preservation program. Every year the project helps to release thousands of baby turtles into the sea up and down the coast. The Tamar Centre invites guests to learn about the 1,100 kilometres of beach that are being preserved as turtle breeding grounds.

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  1. Such a great card, and nice to learn of places that are trying to do something good for animals and nature.

    1. Wish there were more places like this... we have lost already so many animals and nature!