Monday, September 29, 2014

PAKISTAN ~Godur Lake-Swat Valley ~

One of the many beautiful lakes in the Swat Valley also known as "the Switzerland of Asia"... a high, sky blue-colored glacier lake...Thanks a lot Eliska!!
Photo: Aamir Rashid
Backside card:
Godur is the largest and nearest lake to Kalam, bur rarely visited due to difficult approche. The lake lies to the southwest of Kalam at 12.6000ft above sealevel. From Kalam, there are two routes to Godur. One route follows the Godur Nullah... and climbes very steeply through the narrow gorge. This route is quite difficult and strenous. The second route is from Desan (near Utror) which is long but less steep.

Swat is a valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.Swat was a princely state which was merged in Pakistan in 1969. Swat is a place for leisure lovers, hikers, and archaeologists. There are at least over 100 archaeological sites in the valley less than 10% of they are excavated.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah-founder of Pakistan
(Issued 11-09-1994)

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