Thursday, September 18, 2014

BELGIUM ~Greetings from ~

Great postcard  showing my countries most famous and delicious products...Thanks a lot Johan!!
Photo: Andrew Critchell
- Belgium produce over 220.000 tonnes of chocolate per year
  Pralines, were first made in the year 1912 by Belgian Jean Neuhaus,
- We have  over 800 kinds of beer  with most of them served in their own special pint
- Diamond industry in Antwerp
- Lace from Bruges, Gent and Brusssels
- Delicious mussels and frites (frites not from france but Belgium)
- Most famous fountain is tiny (61cm in height) Manneken Pis in Brussels

TBC-Post label!
Should have been my first stamp of the only Private Post in Belgium...unfortunately they put this label on the stamp (I think there is a stamp under this sticker... I couldn't remove it without damaging the postcard)...
They seem to use "blue postboxes" but I've never seen one in my neighbourhood...


  1. Hello Gerda,

    de bedoeling was goed maar nu weet ik dat ik TBC-post niet kan gebruiken voor Postcrossing,swaps ...

    1. Ja, en ik heb op hun website gezien dat de prijzen hetzelfde zijn als bij Bpost.

  2. Net opgemerkt Belgïe;het nieuwste land na Scotland ?