Tuesday, August 5, 2014

PORTUGAL~Elvas-Amoreira Aqueduct-UNESCO~

...Beautiful postcard showing a fantastic historical construction...and a new UNESCO site with as extra bonus matching UNESCO stamps^^...Thanks Joao!!

Great stamps:
Unesco World Heritage Town of Elvas
(Issued 30-06-2014)
Elvas is the most fortified of any Portuguese town with massive solid walls encircling the main historic centre, while the town was guarded by three battle hardened castles. The town is situated on the far eastern side of Portugal close to the border with Spain.

Lying outside the city walls is the city's most famous sight, the towering Amoreira Aqueduct, 7km (4.5miles) in length that took over 100 years to complete.(from 1498 till 1622) With a total of 843 arches, and at places rising to over 30m (100ft), it still brings water to town.

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