Friday, August 1, 2014

HONG KONG ~Tung Ping Chau Island - Lan Kwo Shui ~

...A beautiful nature postcard so totally different from my other ones of "busy" Hong Kong...spectacular cliffs and wave-cut platforms... Thanks a lot Hazel!

With nice just released stamp:
Hong Kong Definitive Stamps - landscape
(Issued 24 July 2014)

Lan Kwo Shui, located in the Tung Ping Chau Geo-Area, is composed mainly of sedimentary rocks dating back some 55 million years. After continuous erosion by destructive waves, the base of the vertical sea cliff gradually receded, leaving behind a narrow flat area, gently sloping and extending into the sea, called a “wave-cut platform”, which is covered in water at high tide but exposed at low tide, allowing it to be reached by foot. Lan Kwo Shui is so named because it is difficult to reach much of the time.

Tung Ping Chau island is home to Hong Kong’s Geopark, a protected Marine National Park because of its rich aquatic species. It is the easternmost outlying island of Hong Kong.This crescent-shaped island, measuring 600 metres long and 200 metres wide, is renowned for  strange and spectacular rock formations,hardly found in the rest of Hong Kong.

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