Wednesday, July 23, 2014

PANAMA ~Pollera festival - National costume ~

First wonderful written and stamped postcard from more country ticked of my wanted list (its getting more and more difficult)...they all look fabulous! Thanks so much Guniver!

With nice stamp:
Artistic Treasures of National Theatre - 2002
The national dress of Panama, called la pollera, is a strong symbol of Panamanian identity, with its unique artisan ship, which is most beautifully displayed during holiday processions and folkloric dance performances, and by brides on their wedding day.

This primarily hand-sewn costume consists of full gathered skirts, petticoats, and ruffled blouses, all decorated with laborious elements such as embroidery, applique (technique where one fabric is sewn onto the surface of another fabric to create a design) bobbin lace, and crochet. The dress is enhanced with hair ornaments, jewelry, and accessories.

A single pollera can cost from several hundred to several thousands US dollars.A pollera are generally passed down as heirlooms through generations.

The mans costumes are called montuno.


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