Thursday, July 10, 2014

Moldova ~Chișinău - Ethnography and Nature History National Mueseum ~

Had to wait for almost 4 years to receive my second great Moldova a pretty special one and I really like it....Many thanks Nastia!!

With lovely stamps:
Fauna "Exotic butterflies"
(Issued 05-07-2013)
and definitives - Buildings from the Republic of Moldova
(Issued 15-02-2011)

The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History is the oldest museum in Moldova. It is located in Chisinau, the capital of the country and was founded in October 1889.

 The museum is divided into 2 logical parts. The first one is dedicated to flora and fauna on the territory of Moldova. Here visitors see the flora and fauna of the country nowadays and also how it looked many years ago, how the nature here changed.

The other part of the museum is dedicated to people living on this territory, their customs and traditions. Here visitors see many ancient things which where used in every-day life and  the history of their developing is visible.

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