Friday, June 27, 2014

USA ~Las Vegas - The Historic neon signs ~

....Fantastic "glittery" postcard (doesn't show so good here) from gambling capital of the world...  the glow of the city is visible from space...from nephew Ben his third trip to Las Vegas... Thanks for thinking of me Ben! :D

With nice Earth Day 2014 Global Forever Stamp.

Las Vegas is famous for its creative and distinctive flashing lighted signs.

The signs of Las Vegas generally do not exist for very long. The city and the tastes of its residents move on and signs that look dated are replaced with newer, flashier designs.

 Nostalgic favorites such as the Hacienda Horse and Rider and the original sign for the Stardust have now been torn down. In 1996, the Las Vegas Neon Museum was opened to house these discarded signs.

 A three-acre lot known as "The Boneyard" serves as a final resting place for hundreds of signs that once lit up Vegas' Glitter Gulch.

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