Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ISLE OF MAN ~ Flag-Keep Calm- Traa dy liooar ~

Received  a great flag card  with on the postcard  "Traa dy Liooar"... Anglo-Manx for "time enough", the historic dialect of English spoken on the Isle of Man...  Do you still speak this old dialect James???^__^ Thanks a lot!!

With lovely Isle of Man 2004 Manx National Heritage stamps: "The Story of Mann"

The flag of the Isle of Man consists of a red base with a "triskelion" (the symbol of Sicily and of the Isle of Man). It features three running legs, bent at the knee, conjoined at the center on an emblem in the center of it.
Local residents of the Isle of Man explain that the legs on the flag turn anti-clockwise so that they don't kneel to the British!
Before its adoption in 1931, the official flag of the Isle of Man was the Union Flag.

The 'triskelion' (a word from the Greek 'three-legged') is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind.

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