Saturday, May 3, 2014

SOUTH AFRICA ~ Informal Settlements ~

... Panoramic postcard view coming from Ravindra who's travelling in South Africa...Enjoy your stay ^__^  Thanks a lot!!

With nice 3D Dinosaurs stamps stamp!
 (Issued 02-11-2009)
Photo: © Mark Skinner
A shanty town or informal settlement is a settlement of plywood, corrugated metal, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes. They are usually found on the periphery of cities, public parks, or near railroad tracks, rivers, lagoons or city trash dump sites. Sometimes called a squatter, informal or spontaneous settlement, shanty towns often lack proper sanitation, safe water supply, electricity, hygienic streets, or other basic human necessities.

 Shanty towns are mostly found in developing nations, but also in some parts of developed nations.

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  1. Not all postcards have to be "beautiful". This one is interesting and enlightening.