Thursday, May 8, 2014

HONG KONG ~Jumbo Floating Restaurant -Aberdeen ~

Fantastic, floating, flashy giant boat...It is one of the best and largest floating restaurants in the world....and an iconic tourist landmark of Hong can accommodate up to 2,300 people!!! Many Thanks Beth!!

With nice "Heartwarming" design stamp.
(Issued: 01-10-2013)

Photo ©Edmond Chan

The Jumbo Kingdom was established in October 1976 by Dr. Stanley Ho. It took four years and over HK$30 million to design and build it. It was originally decorated in the style of an ancient Chinese imperial palace and is situated in Aberdeen Harbour. It has lots of dragons, padogas and very beautiful red and gold decoration. It provides a range of entertainment, shopping and variety of dining attractions.
The Jumbo Kingdom also went through a a multi million dollar renovation in 2003.

Floating restaurants appeared in the typhoon shelter shortly after world war II.

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  1. I remember that restaurant from a early visit in 1990 to Hong Kong. Great Postcard.