Monday, April 7, 2014

SRI LANKA ~Elephants - Yala National Park ~

...Today I received my last card from the series "Yala National Park"...another one  showing elephants... it was always such a great pleasure to find a new animal postcard  in my mailbox...I will miss it!...(received first one in August 2013)^^I got this whole set of amazing  postcards thanks to postcard friend Ravindra!!

 With as always great stamps!!

Yala Natinal Park is one of the best places for sightings of wild Elephants and is important for the conservation of Sri Lankan Elephants.

The elephant herd of Yala contains 300–350 individuals. Asian elephants, also known as Indian elephants are known to be one of the most gentle and intelligent mammals. They can be identified by their small, rounded ears and are quite a bit smaller than their cousins, the African elephants.

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