Tuesday, April 1, 2014

JAMAICA ~ No Problem ~

...First of two beautiful written and stamped postcards from friends vacation to this paradise-like-island... The right place to enjoy beach, sun and reggae...Thanks a lot Jos en Anja!!!

With cool   "50th Birth Anniversary of Bob Marley" stamp!
Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley, (1945 – 1981) was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician.

Back of card:
1. Ganja, our weed!
2. Palm trees at Riu hotel
3. Bloody sunset at Portland
4. Reach falls at Portland
5. Rose Hall beach
6. Ras David

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean, located to the south of Cuba and to the west of the island of Hispaniola comprising the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles.

©Flavio Baccetta


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