Monday, March 3, 2014


...It's always a pleasure to post a brandnew and rare country here...received today this wonderful postcard with all on it: flag, map and views... sent by  David who is travelling  through 6 East African countries right now!!...Must be an amazing trip of a lifetime... (although he has already been to soooo many exotic and remote more here:
                                                             Thanks a million David ^__^!

With lovely stamp:
 Moths of Uganda -  Denephila nerii.
(Issued 24-12- 1999)

Photos&design: Byekwaso Blasio
Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa bordered by Kenya, South Sudan, DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania with capital Kampala.

 Uganda also called "the Pearl of Africa" is a country with fantastic natural scenery, great diversity in wildlife and a rich mosaic of tribes and cultures.

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  1. I never received a postcard from Africa... This one is quite nice :)