Thursday, March 20, 2014

KENYA ~Nairobi ~

Great city multiview of the countries capital...I would never had guessed that the city  popularly known is as the "Green City in the Sun" by seeing this postcard...Thanks soooo much David who is already home from his African adventure!!! (read more about his journey here: "Postcard a world Travel")

Interesting stamps from a set of hundred new stamps for Kenya's 50th anniversary of independence.
(Issued 11-12- 2013)
@Sapa Studio
Nairobi capital is situated  in the highlands of the southern part of the country. Nairobi is Kenya's principal economic, administrative, and cultural center and is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Africa. Manufactures include processed food, textiles, clothing, building materials, and communications and transportation equipment. The city also has a large tourist industry.
 The University of Nairobi (1956), Kenya Polytechnic (1961), and Kenya Conservatoire of Music (1944) are here.

 The local Maasai called this highland swamp Ewaso Nai’beri – the place of cold water.


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