Friday, January 3, 2014

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC~Samaná - Las Terrenas~

More views from "paradise island"...famous for diving with its magnificent underwater world... during  the winter season (January 15-March 15), visiting humpback whales can be seen and heard underwater as they migrate toward Silver Shoals...I can only dream about it... Thanks again Bart and Vicky!!

  With  Priority Air Mail Express stamp.
Photo: Francois De Zorzi
Until the late 19th century, the Samaná Peninsula was once its own island, separated from the mainland by a very narrow channel. Over time, sediment filled the channel, joining it to the mainland to form a peninsula.

On of the  main tourist destinations in the Samana Peninsula is Las Terrenas. Terrenas is a town in the Samaná province and was a famous slave trade port for the British in the early 17th C. The name is derived from the French phrase "la terriene" (the landowner).

Samana features the best adventure diving of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

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