Thursday, December 5, 2013

SRI LANKA ~Greater Flamingo - Yala National Park ~

A beautiful sight... these huge birds fly with such elegance...Thanks Ravindra!!
Yala National Park is one of the 70 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Sri Lanka.Of 215 bird species of the park, six are endemic to Sri Lanka.

This is the largest species of flamingo, averaging 110–150 cm (43–60 in) tall and weighing 2–4 kg (4.4–8.8 lbs). Most of the plumage is pinkish-white, but the wing coverts are red and the primary and secondary flight feathers are black. The bill is pink with a restricted black tip, and the legs are entirely pink.  Sub-adult flamingos are whitish-grey and only attain the pink coloration several years into their adult life. The bird resides in mudflats and shallow coastal lagoons with salt water.

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