Friday, December 20, 2013

SRI LANKA ~Beruwela Lighthouse ~

...Don't know where Ravindra keeps finding them... postcard nr 73 of Sri Lanka in my collection...could almost make a complete  "tourist guide" with all of  them^^... Thanks Ravindra!!

With nice Jetawana Stupa stamp
(Issued 24-05-2010)

@Windsor Creations
The Beruwala Lighthouse was built by the British in 1928. It still functions as a lighthouse. Standing 50 feet above sea level on a cliff, hard rock’s surround it and protect it from the battling waves.

Beruwala is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.

There are only four international lighthouses in Sri Lanka today, one being the Beruwala Lighthouse. All ships and boats going to the Maldives have to pass the Beruwala lighthouse which is one of their most important functions.

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