Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PAKISTAN ~Artefact of Gandhara - Peshawar Museum ~

Impressive and so beautiful carved Buddhist art sculpture...Budha seated on a lotus with round Him an adoring hierarchy of kings, elders, and old-time Buddhas... I never knew Pakistan has so many ancient Budhist sites...Thanks so much Hasnain!!

With great stamps also!!

The Peshawar Museum is a Museum situated in the historic city of Peshawar. The Museum has one of the largest and most extensive collections of Gandhara art of the Buddhist period and is considered to be one of the biggest collections of Buddhist objects in the world.

The display of Gandhara Art in the main hall includes Buddha's life stories, miracles, worship of symbols, relic caskets, and individual standing Buddha sculptures.Buddhist civilization of Gandharat flourished in northern Pakistan 2,000 years ago

Peshawar Museum was actually built in the memory of a famous queen named Queen Victoria and at first the original name of Peshawar Museum was Victoria Memorial Hall which later changed into Peshawar Museum when the museum’s head changed to a Muslim known as Dilawar Khan.

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