Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ISLE OF MAN ~ Lighthouse - Point of Ayre ~

My post for this weekend's theme: lighthouses...read more Connections to the World!

 Here a great lighthouse view...my third card sent by James from The Isle of Man a place of beauty and history which lies in the Irish Sea between the United Kingdom and Ireland...Thanks a lot James!!【ツ】
Photo Mike Guy
Located at the most Northerly tip of the Isle of Man, built in 1818 by Robert Stevenson.The Point of Ayre lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse on the Isle of Man.

The cast iron tower was placed at the edge of the sea about 225 m from the main light. In 1950, a concrete tower was built another 230 m seaward, and the historic tower was relocated atop the new tower.


Manx National Heritage "The Story of Mann"
(Issued 03-08-2004)

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