Saturday, November 9, 2013

BELGIUM ~Brussels - Christmas cancellation ~

...Lovely bright red postcard showing the highlights of Brussels...Thanks a lot Johan especially for my first Christmas stamp this year and  the special year-end cancellation.

With nice Christmas  3D stamp commemorating the end of 2013 with the most common scene of Christmas period, the crib.

And great "Three Kings" or "Three Wise Men" first day cancellation (Issued 28-10-2012)

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and of the European Union and the seat of many international organizations such as the NATO.

With its more than 1000 years of history the city offers many fascinating sights to visit. It has  the most beautiful historic market square and the highest concentration of restaurants in the world.

© Edit Thill, S.A. Bruxelles

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  1. Beautiful Christmas stamp and cancellation mark. The card is nice too! How odd that it seems to be a spin off of the Coca-Cola logo.