Thursday, September 26, 2013

WALLIS & FUTUNA ~South Pacific ~

...Got 4 postcards of exotic locations from David (it looks as if my mailman collected them all and dropped them today in mailbox ^__^)...My first to show is from a totally unknown tropical  island and new place for me...but it looks amazing!! Thanks a lot David ... More to come in the next few days:)

With great stamps:
2012 Poetry of the Sea
(Issued 16-07-2012)
Ocean Garden
(Issued 17-01-2013)

Wallis and Futuna comprises of three volcanic tropical islands and a number of tiny islets located northeast of Fiji and west of Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean. The territory is split between two island groups lying about 260 kilometres apart.

The island  is an Overseas Territory of France, with the President of the French Republic as its Head of State.

The capital of the collectivity is Matāʻutu on the island of Uvéa, the most populous of the Wallis Islands.


  1. really amazing stuff you are getting these days ;)

    1. Yep!! Thanks to the wonderful David... I'm really spoiled with so many little gems and there is more to come ^__^

  2. maybe i should not look at your blog for a while i may become too green..! xD