Sunday, September 22, 2013

TURKEY ~Çanakkale-Troy - UNESCO~

...One of Turkey’s most famous tourist attractions and ancient history...sent to me as being an "ugly" card... I don't think so... maybe a bit older but still a nice UNESCO card... (I'm glad to give an unwanted card a good home) ^__^ Thanks Leslie!

With nice stamps:
World Environment Day
(Issued 05-06-2013)
Troy or “Truva” is one of the most famous and historically significant sites. (with the oldest section dating back to the late fourth millennium BC.) It marks the meeting place of Anatolia, the Aegean and the Balkans, making it a vitally important source of information about the historic relationships between these regions. Each part of the site is numbered, correlating to a specific period of time.

The famous walls of Troy, which played such an important role on the Trojan War, some of which remain, can be seen in the VII section. It is said that Alexander the Great visited Troy in 334BC, at the start of his campaign against the Persians. The Macedonian leader is believed to have paid his respects at the Tomb of Achilles.

 The archaeological site of Troy was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1998.