Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FRANCE ~Corsica - Gulf of Girolata - UNESCO~

...Last of 6 received postcards sent by Dieter and Eve during their vacation in one of the most beautiful islands...crystal clear azure waters with impressive mountains...Thanks so much for these amazing postcards and sharing it all with me!! ^__^

With the common "Marianne Beaujard" stamp.
 (Issued 01-07-2011)

Girolata is a (quite inaccessible) village and region at the south of the Scandola Nature Reserve in western Corsica, about 35 km north-west from Porto. It falls within the western part of the Corsica Natural Park.The Gulf of Porto-Girolata and the reserve of Scandola have been on the UNESCO world-heriritage list since 1983.

Fiercely independent, the Corsicans speak their own language and fly their own flag, featuring a black Moor’s head with white headband: the “bandiera testa mora”. The language appears to be a mismatch of Italian and French.

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