Thursday, September 19, 2013

BELGIUM ~Wilderen Brewery~

From my visit last Sunday on the the price of the guided tour was a free drink and a postcard included... mailed at the brewery itself.. so send one to myself and my postcard friend Johan ^__^

With nice selfadhesive butterfly stamp:
Small White (Pieris rapae)
(issued 25-06-2012)

"Totally Wild of Wilderen"
Where in earlier days the oxen stables were located today is found a state-of-the-art brewery.During a restoration of the building, the old facades of the building were fully propped up and renovated. The contemporary architectural design provides for a charming arch between the former distillery and the modern brewery building. The brewery can be seen and explored during guided tours.

Distillery Wilderen distils its own alcohol from beer. The showpiece is the Eau-de-Bièère, distilled Kanunnik Triple. Wilderen Goud is a golden Belgian beer with a high alcohol content. Triple is a 4 –grain beer brewed according to the original Wilderen kanunnik recipe. Wilderen Kriek is brewed with spontaneously fermented Lambic, slowly matured in large old oak barrels.

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